Nicki on Isla de Pascua – Easter Island

While in Chile, Nicki toured the Polynesian island of Isla de Pascua, which most of us know as Easter Island. The island is famous for its ancient statues, or Moai, carved by the Rapa Nui people between the years 1250 and 1500.

Nicki wrote ” … one of those pictures might just look like rock, but if you look in the center it shows how the Rapa Nui people carved the Moai statues right from the volcanic rock from the side of the mountain. That’s technically the largest statue on the island but it was never completed. They usually apparently slid them down the mountain when they were done and somehow stood them up on platforms later. It seems to be controversial how exactly they stood them up and moved them. Not even the tour guides give consistent explanations.”

Nicki added “I included a couple pictures of Tea (tay-uh), the happiest, most adorable dog that guards the famous 15 Moai. I wanted to bring her home!”

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your wonderful experience, Nicki.

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