Dingle Peninsula Hike

On Monday we spent the day hiking along the coast of the Dingle Peninsula. The hike began on a trail just outside our B&B driveway, taking us along a rocky beach at low tide. Much of the hike was along beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean.

After a few hours we encountered an old stone tower named Hussey’ Folly, which was built around 1845.

The hike ended at the peak of the cliff, which had a mound of rocks to mark the high point. Deb added a rock to the pile.

We returned along the same path then walked into Dingle for a meal and beer to celebrate our good day.

Hussey’s Folly

Hussey’s Folly
Hussey’s Folly

This sign warned us that the cliff under the trail was slipping away
Deb adds her rock
Nicki stands on a rock

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