Old Dock is Replaced

The old sunken dock

During the Memorial Day weekend of 2007, we bought an old wooden dock from a seller on Lake Bellaire. The dock served us well for a dozen years, but became a challenge to maintain. The wood was aging and coming apart. The dock legs were really just steel fence posts. As the lake level rose, dock sections lifted off the legs and slid into the lake, becoming extremely heavy and waterlogged. The dock had to go. A few weeks ago, I ordered a new Harbor Master aluminum dock from Alden Marine.

Yesterday I used the pontoon trailer to remove the dock sections from the water, leaving 2 sections over dry land to serve as a bridge to the new dock. Those sections may be replaced next year. The trailer made the dock removal much easier, as the waterlogged sections, while heavy, were still buoyant in the water and easy to drag to the trailer.

The new dock is made of sturdy but light aluminum, with a PVC deck. This dock will be light enough for me to remove at the end of the season to avoid the destructive movement of the lake ice. During the project, Enzo helped, and got muddy exploring the silty shoreline, which is what he does best.

I still have some bumpers and tie-down cleats to install, but otherwise the dock is ready for action.

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2 Comments on “Old Dock is Replaced”

  1. Kevin your one hell of a man. I remember looking at that wooden dock way back then. At that time the price was right and we were all young enough to help in anyway we could to install it. This might of cost you a few bucks but in the long run it will last. No more getting into 46 degree water to raise it up. No more power washing it too. I would of loved to help but I was scheduled to work this past week. Sorry.
    You did a great job Kevin. It looks awesome. Can’t wait to come and see it and dive off the end. LOL

    1. We got our money’s worth out of the old dock. It was time to replace it. Sure is nice to walk out on the dock and not worry about whether it will collapse.

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