1966 Honda CL77 Scrambler – Wheels Laced, Trued, and Engine Side Covers Painted

Embarrassingly, it’s been more than 2 years since I’ve posted an update on the 1966 Honda CL77 project. Since May 2018, we moved to a new home and we’ve been busy with countless other priorities. As the weather has grown cooler, I’ll be able to focus on the CL77 project.

Enough of the excuses … here’s the latest. Over the past few days I’ve completed the truing of the wheels and have mounted the new tires. Once I find my set of balancing weights, I’ll balance the wheels. 2 years ago the hubs were vapor blasted and look like new. Also, the stainless steel spokes are a nice upgrade from stock. The hubs have new bearings pressed in as well. The aluminum rims are from Borrani in Italy and match the flanged style of the original steel rims.

The new old stock (NOS) engine side covers got several coats of ceramic aluminum engine paint, followed by a heat treatment. The original covers had damage and needed replacing. The right side cover is hard to find, too, as it contains a cast-in kick starter shaft bushing, which tended to wear over the decades on these kick start-only bikes.

I’ll focus on completing the frame pieces and panels that will be painted their original light silver. I’ll get the sanding and prep work done next. Since the warm weather is fading, I’ll outsource the painting to the pros, which will allow me to put the engine back together during that time.

My goal is to work on this during the off-season and have it ready to ride when the snow clears in Spring 2021.

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4 Comments on “1966 Honda CL77 Scrambler – Wheels Laced, Trued, and Engine Side Covers Painted”

  1. I just acquired this same bike this week and I’m always open to see what encounters people get into during a build thanks for posting, mine will be a complete rebuild!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Rex. I’m really looking forward to getting the engine put together shortly. Best of luck to your project.

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