Christmas, 1972

I’m in the final stretch of converting Uncle Walt’s old 8 mm home movie collection into digital form.  This collection is huge, containing approximately 7 hours of video.  I expect to finish the digital editing, enhancing and titling this weekend and begin rendering the DVDs.  It will probably take 7 DVDs to hold the collection.

I thought I’d share an interesting clip from Christmas, 1972.  It’s a short clip, only one minute, 27 seconds in length.  It was common for 8 mm reels to contain multiple events.  This scene was taken from the first half of reel #80, and took place in my grandfather’s St Clair Shores basement.  These were the classic Christmas Eve events I fondly recalled, where Aunt Eleanor and Grandma Kling could be found in the basement, next to the electric roasters, cooking turkey and ham after church.

Take a look at Al’s hair!  Certainly a sign of the times.  Enjoy.

[mediaplayer src=’/wp-content/uploads/Christmas_1972.wmv’ autoLoad=1 ]

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