A Classic Marque for a New Rider

With a short break in the Wintry weather, I was finally able to bring the ’99 Triumph Legend TT home to Alden, with the help of my good friend Al Krasnicki.  The bike has been in Graham’s garage for months, trapped by snow and cold temperatures.  Graham was generous with his time, making sure that I was familiar with the operations and handling characteristics of this motorcycle.  We took a nice ride on a clear but windy afternoon, me on the Triumph and Graham on his gorgeous ’74 Norton Commando.

Although I stalled the Triumph at first, I found the bike to be a very forgiving machine, shifting easily and having plenty of torque even from low RPMs.  What a gorgeous machine.  It’s now in the garage in Alden, waiting for warmer weather.

[mediaplayer src=’/wp-content/uploads/April_15_2011_Kevin_and_Graham_Ride.wmv’ autoLoad=1 ]

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2 Comments on “A Classic Marque for a New Rider”

  1. It really is a beautiful bike, Kev. You have always enjoyed ‘tinkering’ with machines and I know you’ll enjoy working on the 2nd machine.

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