High Winds, Fallen Trees

The strong winds that swept through Northern Michigan over the past few days managed to topple a group of Aspen trees at the Merrick home, missing the house by mere inches. ┬áIt’s amazing that nothing was damaged, although my mom’s garden might need some repair after these trees are removed.

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4 Comments on “High Winds, Fallen Trees”

  1. God is sure on their side. That really was a close call. They did want some firewood delivered I wonder if that”s close enough.

  2. Wow, what a mess huh? Sorry to see that. What a welcome home for them. We had the winds, but nothing like that. mj

  3. Wow! Are you ever lucky that none of the trees damaged the house. That is not the homecoming we thought you were going to have. Just a nice Easter dinner with the kids. Good thing you weren’t there when it was happening.

  4. We do indeed feel very lucky………………..we should have gone out and purchased a lottery ticket that day. I can’t even imagine the feeling people have upon seeing their homes destroyed by a tornado………..I hope I never find out! Home Sweet Home!

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