Winter Riding

With a very un-February temperature of 39 degrees in Alden, the sun shining and most of the snow melted, I decided to take the little Honda CB175 out for a Winter ride.  I retrieved the battery from the basement, where it was connected to a float charger, and put it back in the bike.  The bike started right up.  I grabbed the new gloves that Al bought for me, and off I went.

I rode the bike to the gas station to top it off with fresh fuel, then put 20 miles on the clock while riding around the back roads.  I stopped at the boat launch in Alden for these pictures.  I kept the speeds down, since the tires aren’t as grippy when they’re cold, but I did cruise the straight roads at around 60.  It really felt great to be on a bike again.

Sunday morning, with the thermometer at 32 degrees, I hopped back on the Honda and rode to the Wild Onion in Alden for breakfast.  It’s funny how many people will stop me and ask about the bike … “is that a Honda?!”, “What year is that?”, and so on.  An elderly woman walked up to me as I was getting ready to head back home and asked me about the 175.  She then fondly recalled how she had a Honda 125 in the 1960s, and she would ride with her father for hours on the trails and back roads.

Now I’m really looking forward to Spring.

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3 Comments on “Winter Riding”

  1. Nice pictures Kevin. Now you made me jealous. I told Mary I should of put my Honda in the family room for the winter. There have been many days I could have rode the bike because of weather were having this winter. That looks like a good place to take pictures of your Triumph and my Honda this coming summer. Your Honda really looks clean and like brand new. You did a great job on this Honda.
    After you rode the bike today you didn’t walk around Alden with frost on your face from your nose running like Jim Carey did in the movie “DUMB and DUMBER”. LOL Just kidding. Have fun and be safe.

  2. Nah, no frozen boogers this time, Al.

    I think I’ll ride the 175 to breakfast in Alden this morning. It will be the last chance I get for a few months since my wrist surgery is this Wednesday. It’s 32 out but the roads are clear. It amazes me how easy that old Honda starts.

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