Shocking Development

With electric service restored in Alden, I’ve jumped back into the motorcycle restoration project.  I’ve set a goal to have the engine put back together before the end of March, assuming that the machine shop doesn’t take too long to bore and hone the cylinders.  Meanwhile, I decided to tackle the job of rebuilding the rear shocks.

The rear shocks on these old Honda models often had square-shaped housings, which is quite unusual compared with today’s motorcycle shocks.  The shocks completely hide a large spring to support the rear suspension, and an internal hydraulic damper.  It took a few hours to disassemble, clean and lubricate the parts.  The black plastic housings will be painted when the frame gets painted, so I’ll have to defer the reassembly of the shocks until that work is done.

My “unofficial” method of disassembling the old Honda shock is illustrated below, along with a guide to the special tools required for the job.

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4 Comments on “Shocking Development”

  1. I sure do like the assortment of tools you have at hand. Any mechanic would give a weeks pay just to watch you in action with your tools. I bet the price was right. McGiver would have been proud to have you in one of his episodes. Hell, it get’s the job done right Kevin. It looks pretty good all cleaned up. A new paint job should top it off. Throw a bit of W-D40 on the chrome section until your ready to paint. The wire brushing leaves little scratch’s and will later leave rust just from condensation in the air. Doing a fine job Kevin.
    How are you doing on the Triumph? Any progress?

    1. Yeah, I have special tools for those special jobs. I already sprayed the metal with WD-40. I got the new coils for the Triumph but haven’t installed them yet. Maybe next weekend I’ll change the oil and top-off the coolant. If all is well I’ll install the new coils and fire it up.

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