Cumberland Falls

Since Nicki was in class this morning, Deb and I thought we’d explore the area a bit, perhaps spending some time at a park where Enzo could stretch his legs and be a dog for a while.  I searched for parks near Williamsburg, Kentucky, and soon learned that we were just 20 minutes from the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.  Becky had earlier recommended this park to us, so we decided to check it out.

The park and falls are truly beautiful, perfect for some High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.  This is the process that uses computer software to combine several separate photos, typically three, taken at different exposure settings.  The result is a single photo with striking color and detail, much greater than what can be captured in a single picture.  This process is often used by professional photographers for nature shots.

Below is a sampling of the HDR images I created from today’s hike at the Cumberland Falls, truly a beautiful area.

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2 Comments on “Cumberland Falls”

  1. Kevin those are really some beautiful pictures. The falls look nice. I bet just sitting there and listening to the sound of the water rushing over the falls is relaxing. I use to love going to Niagara Falls. There was a spot I would stand and just watch the water rolling over the edge. It was mesmerizing. Is there any other people around you and Debbie. Looks isolated but very beautiful. It would be nice to pack a lunch, a bottle of wine, a few chairs and just sit and enjoy nature at it’s best. Great shots Kevin. You didn’t do to bad either Debbie.

  2. Checked out your Cumberland Falls photos ~ ~ ~ gorgeous! You actually brought back a few memories. I visited those falls back when I was 13 or 14. Aunt Eleanora took me on a trip with them (I think they thought I needed to get away from the twins for a couple weeks). We also visited the caves in Kentucky ~ ~ ~ and they are awesome if you get the chance. The fact is…….OUR COUNTRY IS TRULY BEAUTIFUL! And……………….I’m so glad you are getting a chance to relax and enjoy your time together!

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