Touring the Mountains at the Cumberland Gap

Nicki’s dormitory is beautifully situated in the Cumberland Mountains.  The weather was hot and humid, but the scenery was beautiful.  I can only imagine how stunning it is when the Fall colors come out.

We spent most of the time at the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, where we hiked for a few miles before driving to the Pinnacle Overlook for spectacular views.  This park and overlook are barely a mile from Nicki’s dorm.  The park is situated where Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia meet, so it’s easy to forget which state you’re in.  We left Nicki’s dorm in Tennessee, entered the park a half mile away in Kentucky, then stood at the overlook in Virginia.

Today we’ll head to Knoxville to see what we can find there.

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2 Comments on “Touring the Mountains at the Cumberland Gap”

  1. Those are some great pictures Kevin. Like you said the fall colors should be beautiful. The mountains are so beautiful and so lush with all the green tree’s. I bet the air smells so fresh up there. The one picture of her college nested in the face of the mountains is a great one. I like that one. You guy’s look great too. Good to see you all enjoying this special trip. You and Debbie enjoy this time with Nicki, because before you know it she will be back home with you guy’s.
    Nicki you have a beautiful place to live and continue your education. Remember everything you do now is for your future. There are “NO SECOND CHANCES”. Make your mom and dad proud of you, but most of all do this for “YOURSELF AND YOUR FUTURE”. Good luck Nicki.

  2. LOVE the pics! Nicki is going to enjoy living and learning there. I especially like the ‘family’ photo of you, Kevin, and Deb and Enzo! I might have to print that one and hang it on our family wall. I am sooooo glad you are all enjoying this vacation……………………home is nice, but sometimes it’s just good to get away for a few days and put ‘home’ on hold. Lots of love……Mom and Doug

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