Commuting on 150cc

My morning destination was the General Motor Technical Center in Warren, MI. The weather was cool and clear, with no rain in the forecast, so a 2-wheeled commute was certain. My Triumph gets most of the motorbike miles, but today, with 540 miles on the clock since the restoration was completed 10 months ago, I selected the ’65 Honda Benly.

The Benly has been running great, and just had its chain lubed and tightened.  I still gets some odd looks from other motorists while riding this little motorbike.  A few days ago, at a red light, a rather toothless fellow in a rusty pickup truck found the Benly somewhat amusing, telling me that I looked like Elvis on the bike. Elvis? On a Benly 150? I must have missed that movie. This morning, an elderly gent on a massive electric-orange Honda Goldwing 1800 gave me a smile and a nod.

Reaching my destination, I signaled my left turn by switching the right-hand turn signal switch down for left. It still takes a little concentration for me to operate the turn signals with my right hand, being much more accustomed to the Triumph’s more standard left hand switch gear.

Once inside the tech center, I rode around for a few minutes, taking a few pictures before entering the office. As out of place as it seems in rush-hour traffic, the tiny Benly can still provide a fun, comfortable commute.

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One Comment on “Commuting on 150cc”

  1. Maybe Debbie can ride the 150 alongside you on the Triumph? It’s a beautiful bike.

    Glad you are enjoying it. Did you ask the guy in the truck what kind of bike he owned? mj

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