Update: Dnepr is Disassembled

I thought I’d post a few pictures of the Dnepr, which is now down to a pair of frames and a sidecar body.  I’ve been working late over the past few weeks, but I did manage to get the Dnepr disassembled.  All the parts have been set aside and labelled.  The sidecar frame still has its swing arm mounted, but I should get that final piece off next weekend.

When the weather warms I’ll continue with the removal of the paint, sanding and sandblasting, then prepping all the pieces for painting.  I still have not received the new forks, exhaust pieces or wheel rims.  I have received some other interesting new parts, however.  The new 6-circuit fuse panel will replace the original 4-circuit unit.  The new fuse panel includes an automotive-grade 30 amp relay to relieve the heavy switching duties from the ignition key.  The maintenance-free electronic ignition unit will replace the original breaker-point system, and I’ve even received vintage-looking cloth-covered spark plug wires.  The new stainless steel spokes arrived from Germany, ready for lacing the old hubs to the new rims once they arrive.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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One Comment on “Update: Dnepr is Disassembled”

  1. Hi there,
    I just came across your blog when I have been searching for a Ural Frame for a VW Beetle engined Bike. I can’t seem to find a frame here in England UK so I am trying further a field but the shipping costs are getting silly these days. Its a good job I am a patient bloke. I have some of those military ammo boxes in a box somewhere, if you want one for a battery box let me know and I will dig them out and post one to you if the postage is covered.
    Please keep me posted with your build, Have you a colour picked out ????
    good luck with the build.
    Sheffield, England, UK S25 4EQ

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