60 Years of Corvette

While finding nothing but old foil from a wine bottle with the metal detector in my neighbor’s open acre of property, he waved me over, telling me that somebody was looking for me. As I approached the driveway I saw the white vintage Corvette that belonged to a coworker and her husband. The day was improving!

They pulled their 1960 Corvette into my driveway and I started taking pictures. They said they were in the area and decided to see if I was outside. Noticing the vintage Corvette in my driveway, my next-door neighbor drove her 2020 mid-engine Corvette into the street. They quickly decided it would be fun to park their cars side-by-side in front of the house. This was an awesome photo-op, so I snapped the pictures.

So while I didn’t find any treasure with the metal detector, treasure appeared in front of my house in the form of 2 Corvette, born 60 years apart. How cool is that?

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